Friday, 13 February 2015

Wedding Day Advice

I have been to quite a few weddings now and have noticed some subtle things that if planned for could make your day/night as Bride and Groom just that little bit lovelier!

Here goes! :)

1.  Think of the people you would really like to have a photo with and Make a List! Give the list to someone and have them round them up for your Photographer.

2.  If you're paying for a photo booth delegate someone at each table to make sure each table takes a shot.

3.  Give your vows to someone at the start of the day.  Nothing worse than scrolling through your phone for your speech because you forgot them at home.

4.  Delegate someone to be your drink person.  You will be so busy chatting with people you will rarely get time to walk anywhere without being stopped. Even if it's water... a Gatorade is also a great idea part way through the night to help you re-hydrate.  It  is a long day of walking, talking, standing and by the end of the night you will be exhausted.

5.  Give your camera to someone to take snaps all night.  That way when you lay in bed when the craziness is over you can see some crazy fun shots from the night right away.

6.  Do your Dance and Cake Cutting early. Getting as much of the necessary things out of the way right away makes the night flow so much nicer.

7.  Lastly, the biggest complaint I hear in my business is from Brides friends at the Bridal shows.  SO many girls regret going with a friend, or friend of the family who is giving them a great deal!  I can't stress enough, these are some of the only mementoes you will have after the day is done.  Make sure they are exactly what you want.  My post production is really where I take the most time making sure the photos are done right.  It takes me an entire week to edit a wedding.  How long will your friend take?

There are just a few things... I am sure your day will be everything you hoped it to be! ENJOY every moment! :)

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